Health Care

All Illinois residents deserve affordable, quality health care.

  • All Illinoisans should be enrolled in an affordable insurance plan – one that provides meaningful protection against ruinous health care costs and that does not discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Access to affordable insurance helps keep Illinoisans healthy – and it encourages economic growth by freeing people to pursue new opportunities: You can take a better job or start a small business without losing your health coverage and putting your family at risk of financial ruin because of an illness or injury.
  • In the face of reckless policy shifts at the federal level, I will work to ensure that our individual insurance markets continue to function.

Even before the budget crisis began taking a toll on health care, residents in many areas of the state had limited access to medical attention. The breakdown in state funding made this situation worse, driving facilities to lay off staff or close their doors. Many health care workers choose to serve at clinics like these because of a deep commitment to their mission, and often for lower pay than they might receive elsewhere. The damage to clinics that lost these dedicated employees when they are forced to look for work elsewhere could take years to repair.

Women’s Rights

I support full and equal rights for all women.

  • I applaud the ratification of the ERA by the Illinois House and Illinois Senate.
  • Women’s reproductive rights are fundamental to both health care and equality. I support the new law that protects those rights by ensuring that abortion remains legal in Illinois in the event that Roe v. Wade is ever overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, and protecting Medicaid and state employees’ insurance coverage for the procedure.
  • I fully support the requirement that insurance sold in our state covers birth control.

The Equal Rights Amendment reads: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” When the Illinois House voted 72-45 this spring to ratify the ERA, my opponent voted no. Tom Morrison opposes the constitutional protection of equal rights for women.


Our flat income tax rate is unfair and I will work to change it.

  • A disproportionate tax burden falls on lower-wage workers.
  • Higher-income residents pay far less in income taxes than they would elsewhere.
  • This tax structure forces local governments to rely more heavily on property taxes.

To make sure we have the resources to educate our kids, fix our roads and bridges, support our first responders and fund essential social services for our most vulnerable citizens, we need comprehensive change in how we tax ourselves. I want to restructure the way we pay for education in Illinois to alleviate our reliance on property taxes, and I favor a constitutional amendment that would establish a graduated income tax.


Our public schools are vital to preparing all our children for rewarding, productive lives.

  • I consider it one of my chief obligations – as a citizen and a legislator – to make sure that future generations of students enjoy the same academic opportunities that were available to me.
  • I will work to ensure that our public schools receive the resources they need to remain strong community institutions.
  • Our schools must continue to be safe places where kids can learn to live, play and work together with people who come from a rich diversity of backgrounds, orientations and life experiences.

As a graduate of District 15 and 214 schools, I owe a great debt to my parents’ generation and their commitment to a quality education for all. My years at Central Road Elementary, Carl Sandburg Junior High, and Rolling Meadows High School prepared me well for my next steps in life. Today’s kids deserve the same chance to follow their dreams.


The economy, our property values, our very health and well-being depend on protecting our environment.

  • As a member of Rolling Meadows’ Environment Committee, I helped advise the city on recycling strategies and other green issues.
  • In Springfield, I will be vigilant in maintaining this state’s clean air and water standards.
  • In our district, I will look for ways to improve public transportation options and infrastructure that is friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I’ve served as the bicycle liaison to the city’s Traffic Committee, drawing upon my decades as a bicycle commuter. I am working to bring my experience to bear on improving infrastructure in Illinois.

LGBTQ Rights

I support full and equal rights for all LGBTQ people.

  • I stand with those who honor and respect the dignity and worth of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • I will protect the right to marry and will fight against discrimination in employment, education and housing.
  • I support policies that allow for access by transgender youth to bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

My opponent, Tom Morrison, introduced two bills that restrict access to public bathrooms to those who match the gender indicated at birth on one’s birth certificate. This kind of discriminatory legislation does not reflect the values and priorities of the people of the 54th district.

Gun Safety

We need commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence.

  • I support dealer licensing and tougher penalties for illegal sales of firearms.
  • I will vote for a ban on the sale of weapons, accessories and modifications that allow rapid fire of large numbers of rounds.
  • I will fight to keep guns out of the hands of those with a history of domestic violence or severe mental impairment.

I understand the value of preserving access to appropriate firearms for sport. But the Second Amendment does not preclude sensible efforts that will be effective in our efforts to reduce gun violence in our communities.